Question: What should I absolutely not do when visiting your country?

1. No gum chewing/food/drinks in the MRT: Chewing gum, eating, and drinking (even water) at the MRT can get you fined 1500–7500 NT (50–250USD).

2. No sitting on the Priority Seat on the Public Transport unless pregnant/elderly/small kid: There are two colors on public transport seats, one is for priority seating. It’s usually 2–3 seats that are darker in color shade. These seats are for small kids, pregnant, and elderly people.

3. No Littering (Even when we don’t have much trash cans): One of the questions I get asked a lot- WHY ARE THERE NO TRASH CANS IN TAIPEI. It’s designed intentionally to prevent people from throwing trash from their homes to the public bin. Place trash in your bag and throw them when at accommodation, restaurant, MRT station, or garbage trucks. How to spot a garbage truck? When you hear Fur Elise on the streets- yes, our garbage trucks play music!

    Here is an interesting podcast on the trash disposal system in Taiwan- Separation Anxiety - 99% Invisible

    4. No sticking of chopsticks upright on rice

    Sticking of chopsticks imply that the food is for the dead

    5. DO NOT walk ON the temple doorstep but OVER it

    The temple doorstep signifies the crossing from the profane world over to the sacred thus it should not be stepped on.